Exercise is essential for hamsters, as it helps to keep them healthy and prevent boredom. In their natural habitat, hamsters are active for several hours each night, running up to several miles. In captivity, it is important to provide your hamster with opportunities to exercise regularly.

Here are some tips for providing exercise for your hamster:

  • Exercise wheel: An exercise wheel is a must-have for any hamster cage. A solid plastic or metal wheel is best, as wire wheels can cause injuries. Choose a wheel that is the right size for your hamster, with a diameter of at least 6 inches for dwarf hamsters and 12 inches for Syrian hamsters.

  • Playpen: A playpen is a great way to give your hamster a safe place to explore and exercise outside of their cage. You can fill the playpen with toys, tunnels, and other obstacles to keep your hamster entertained.

  • Free time out of the cage: Allow your hamster to have supervised free time out of their cage for at least an hour each day. This will give them a chance to run around and explore your home.

  • Climbing toys: Hamsters love to climb, so provide them with plenty of climbing toys in their cage. This will give them a workout and help to prevent boredom.

  • Interactive toys: Interactive toys, such as balls and puzzles, can provide your hamster with mental stimulation and exercise.

  • Outings: Take your hamster on outings for a change of scenery and some extra exercise. You can put them in a hamster ball or carry them in a safe container.

Here are some additional tips for keeping your hamster active:

  • Make sure your hamster’s cage is large enough. A small cage will not provide your hamster with enough space to exercise.

  • Provide your hamster with a variety of toys and obstacles. This will help to keep them entertained and engaged.

  • Make sure your hamster has access to fresh water at all times. Exercise can make hamsters dehydrated, so it is important to make sure they have plenty of fluids to drink.

Regular exercise is essential for hamsters’ physical and mental health. By providing your hamster with opportunities to exercise, you can help them to live a long and happy life.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.